Madonna Tour 2016

The fans have been waiting several years for new concerts from our beloved star! Thankfully, the wait is over! The Madonna tour 2016 is underway! If you want to see her live and in person, this may be one of your last opportunities to do so. You won’t want to wait too long before you purchase your tickets, or they may be sold out by the time you decide to pick up a couple seats.

The official name of her shows is the rebel heart tour. If you think it’s only going to be Madonna by herself playing shows you are sorely mistaken. She will be bringing along to opening acts. The first of which is one of today’s hottest comedy stars, Amy Schumer. She will also be bringing along another hot musical act, Diplo. With the star power of all three of these people combined, they are sure to fill out any venue that they play at.

If you can purchase tickets soon after they are released you have a better chance of getting a good price. If you wait until the last second you are going to be paying a premium for your seats. If you look at the average of all the numbers from each show she will be playing combined, you’ll see that the average price for a ticket is about $300. While there are some shows that are cheaper, this is the nationwide average, and the odds are not good that this number is going to sink. If anything it’s only going to go up as the shows draw nearer.

The Madonna tour 2016 will start off in North America. Total she is going to be playing in 35 different cities. If you are wanting to see her perform in Canada or America, you will have until October to do so. That is the date of her final show in North America. Once the American and Canadian legs of her concerts are concluded, she is going to go over to Europe to play many shows. As far as her European dates go, she will be wrapping up her tour in the UK. The first European dates will take place in November, and she will finally finish everything up sometime in December in the United Kingdom.

During the holidays she plans to take a breather to spend time with her family for this festive part of the year. She won’t be breaking for too long though, she is planning to head overseas once we are in January. Madonna’s shows always raised in the big bucks. Every single one of her recent live performances has brought in tons of cash. During her 2012 shows which she titled MDMA, the total revenue for every show combined was around $300 million. This is thanks to her 2 million tickets sold and 90 total concerts played. If you look at the statistics for that year, there was no other performer who could top her numbers.

The concerts that she played in 2008 through 2009 also raked in some sweet benjamins themselves. This was even bigger than her 2012 shows. In 2008 she made more than $400 million. It’s no easy feat for a musician to bring in these kinds of numbers. She had to sell about 3.5 million tickets in order to put these kind of figures up on the board. It’s because of her 2008 shows that she is currently the recordholder for largest overall box office for a series of concerts. It doesn’t look like anyone is going to top her anytime soon either.

Just look at history, her shows constantly sell out, and the tickets are never cheap. The sooner you get your seats, the better. Take a look above to see every show that she currently has on her schedule.